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Working on cants while bush hammering


This working method uses different tools to restructure the concrete surface and give it a highly individual look. The design of buildings and concrete surfaces is not simply a fashion trend but is instead a desire for improvements in the quality of life.

When using different handicraft tools and by applying these working methods, the surface is restructured and the concrete parts are given an individual look. The design of constructions and concrete parts is not a fashion trend, but a wish for more life quality.

About us


S ince 1994 the stonemasonry firm Miedl has been managed by the two brothers, Martin and Thomas Miedl. These two master stone-cutters have more than 30 years of experience in their field. With their extensive experience and flair, the two brothers have developed their classical stone cutting skills into sophisticated techniques for working with concrete surfaces. The brothers recognize and value the immense versatility of concrete as a building material and are using their techniques to open up new creative possibilities for architects and constructors.
Through the use of characteristic stonemason’s finishing processes, concrete workpieces or precast concrete components such as support walls, garden walls, staircases, platforms, pedestals and pillars can become natural-looking building components that fit harmoniously into their respective architectural style and natural surroundings.



Concrete has become an indispensable part of modern architecture. Because of its malleability and functionality there are almost no limitations to the use of concrete in creative architecture. The design of the concrete surfaces is integral to both the support and enhancement of the architecture of buildings.



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