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Using our various processing techniques we create concrete surfaces with the help of specialist handheld tools, which give our concrete parts an individual flair. Using concrete structures and surfaces in a design is not simply a trend, but rather a desire for a better quality of life. Through the working of concrete surfaces using stonemasonry techniques, we turn concrete structures into natural looking components which fit harmoniously with the overall architectural style and landscape of a project. Our structures include supporting and garden walls, steps, platforms, pedestals, columns, walls and facades.

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About us

T he Miedl stonemasonry company has been managed by Martin Miedl since 1994. The master of stonemason has been working in his profession for over 30 years. From the classical stonemasonry trade, he has developed the finest processing methods for concrete surfaces with experience and flair.

He appreciates concrete as the building material of modern architecture and wants to open up new and diverse design possibilities for architects and builders with his processing techniques.

Through the use of characteristic stonemason’s finishing processes, concrete workpieces or precast concrete components such as support walls, garden walls, staircases, platforms, pedestals and pillars can become natural-looking building components that fit harmoniously into their respective architectural style and natural surroundings.


Concrete should not be discounted as a building material for modern architecture. It offers almost limitless creative possibilities for architecture with its formability and functionality. The working of concrete surfaces can therefore contribute to the architectural design of a structure.

In cooperation with renowned architects, construction companies and contractors, we have realised great projects over the whole of Germany, as well as in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Italy (South Tirol). Our project portfolio spans from small one-day projects and private contracts to large projects and public contracts.

We support the architects and builders with whom we work, offering our artisanal capabilities and the necessary technical knowledge to realise your ideas and to give your concrete objects an individual flair. Carrying out our work with technical accuracy and maintaining the satisfaction of our customers are our greatest concerns. We will happily advise you regarding necessary preparation work and prices. Contact.



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